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Fundraising ideas

Concerts, running, games, feasts, music, exhibitions, silence, skis... we’ve seen some truly inspiring and imaginative fundraising over the years. And, we’re always open to ideas if you decide to do something completely new!

This page offers some ideas and inspiration to get you started. We're here to help if you need us, and on behalf of our patients and staff around the world – thank you for supporting MSF.

Getting started

The first thing is to decide how much time you have and what you like to do – if you do something you already like (or would love to try) then you are much more likely to see it through.

Make it pay

When you’ve hit on the perfect plan, think about how you will collect the cash – and inspire your supporters to dig deep!

We’ve put our heads together to help you promote your fundraising, and we’ll help spread the word if you let us know what you’re planning. We’ll also send you MSF fundraising materials to help you look and feel the part.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. And thanks for supporting MSF – your efforts really will make a difference.


People love to get sweaty to support good causes – and your sponsors love it even more. They know you’ve earned the money if your sweatband is soaked by the end of the day.

Marathon/Half Marathon – Within running series RunCzech we usually have reserved registrations for runners who want to support our projects through their physical performance. Buy our registration or running shirt and then just start training.

Fun Runs – you don´t need to run a marathon. You could set up a race with your local club, school or social group. Set up your distance, registration fee as a donation and run.

Bikes – Set yourself a challenge and pedal into the sunset. You can also get inspired by our project Sanjiv Cycles for MSF.

Exercise – If you love zumba, belly-dancing or yoga, why not organise classes and collect while you share your skills?

Whatever you enjoy or you are excellent at you can turn into a charity race. You just have to dare and follow your goal!


Treks – You can walk for days, weeks, months or years and cross a country, a continent or recreate an historical journey. We will support you! Ask your sponsors, make a plan and go.

Water – Canoes, yachts, surfboards, swimming trunks... pedalos? We’ve seen people paddle up the longest river in Canada and cross oceans.

Skydiving – Jumping out of a plane is often a good way to convince your friends you’re serious about helping!

Mental and creative

If you’d rather stay dry and exercise your mental muscles, you can still help MSF.

Painting – Are you a professional or an amateur artist? Use your talent and make an auction of your piece art among friends or in an internet auction. Would you like to share your creativity? Arrange drawing course or competition. Whatever you think of, we believe that you can turn your passion into a successful project

Knitting, patchwork – Clack the needles to raise money for injections! Create your own piece art and support MSF by purchasing it.

Book challenge – Always felt you have a novel in you? Get sponsorship for each 1,000 words and start writing! Or take the speed challenge and write your bestseller in a month.

Photo mission – Take a picture every day for a month and post them online. Get sponsored and even sell prints.

Garage sales – Have you got unnecessary things and want to get rid of them? Do not throw it! Arrange the "garage sale" or flea market and the purchase income will help people in need.

Music and shows

Concerts are a great way to raise money and spread the word about MSF. As well as ticket sales, you can set up raffles, refreshment stalls, merchandise and shake a bucket.

Concerts – If you or your friends play music, DJ or dance, why not set up a fundraising show?

Open mic – Open the stage for all comers, sort out a compere and enjoy the show.

Collections – If you know a promoter or a friendly venue, why not ask if you can collect donations at one of their events?

Go viral – Record a song and publish it online. Give to View lets you ask for donations to finish enjoying the music.


Maybe you’d rather flex your cooking skills?

Bake sale – cook up a batch of buns and sell them to people at school, work or a local fair.

Supper club – If you’re a culinary master then why not organise a supper club? Guests make a donation matching what they would pay in a restaurant for a three course meal.

Catering – Offer to make snacks and drinks for a local event, club or venue and ask for donations for MSF in return.


This is just a taste of the ways you could fundraise for MSF – we’d love to hear what you are planning. If you are organising a fundraising event that’s open to the public then get in touch at eventy-prg@lekari-bez-hranic.cz and we can advertise it on our events page.