Who's who at MSF Czech Republic:


Managing Board

MUDr. Radka Čapková

Mario Thaler

Laurent Sauveur


Supervisory Board

MUDr. Ondřej Šimetka, Ph.D., MBA

Peter Lamatsch

Dr. Reinhard Dörflinger



Pavel Gruber, Executive Director
Email: pavel.gruber@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 257 090 157


Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department deals with the recruitment of all field staff from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you have an enquiry regarding a recent application please ensure you are familiar with MSF's recruitment process. For any further queries please email us at hr@lekari-bez-hranic.cz.

Reena Sattar, Head of Human Resources
Email: reena.sattar@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 257 090 150



Our Fundraising Team raises money to support our medical aid work around the world. These donations enable us to respond quickly to emergencies and keep MSF's work independent of political interests.

For general fundraising enquiries, to amend your existing regular donation or to receive a tax receipt please contact us at donations@lekari-bez-hranic.cz.

If you would like to become a regular donor, please register here.


Kateřina Smolková, Head of Fundraising
Email: katerina.smolkova@prague.msf.org
Desk: +420 257 090 153

Martina Pavlicová and Lucie Shomaliová, Donor Service
Email: dary@lekari-bez-hranic.cz
Desk: +420 257 090 151

Šimon Presser, Direct Marketing
Email: simon.presser@prague.msf.org
Desk: +420 257 090 158

Lenka Pavlíčková, Telemarketing
Email: lenka.pavlickova@prague.msf.org
Desk: +420 257 090 159

Alena Novotná, Major Donor Manager
Email: alena.novotna@prague.msf.org
Desk: +420 257 090 154



Our Communications Department provides up to date public information about MSF's field work through the news media, the internet and special publications. The Communications Department also produces a magazine Bez hranic to keep our supporters informed of our work around the world. For any media related inquiries please contact us at press@lekari-bez-hranic.cz.

Lucia Brinzanik, Head of Communications
Email: lucia.brinzanik@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 257 090 156

Iveta Polochová, Press Officer
Email: iveta.polochova@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 773 348 358, +420 257 090 156

Jakub Hein, Digital Editor (part time)
Email: jakub.hein@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 257 090 152

Jan Böhm, Digital Strategist
Email: jan.bohm@prague.msf.org
Direct Line: +420 257 090 152

Lucie Voldánová, Event and Campaigns Officer (part time)
E-mail: lucie.voldanova@prague.msf.org

Jasňa Šlédrová, Publications Officer (part time)
E-mail: jasna.sledrova@prague.msf.org



Eva Habartová, Head of Finance
E-mail: eva.habartova@prague.msf.org
Tel.: +420 257 090 154


Office Management

Dagmar Chmelíková, Administrative & Recruitment support
Email: dagmar.chmelikova@prague.msf.org
Tel. +420 257 090 150

Markéta Hronová, Financial & Administrative support
E-mail: marketa.hronova@prague.msf.org
Tel.: +420 257 090 150

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