As an MSF donor, you fuel the delivery of medical aid to the people who need it most, no matter where they are or whether they have hit the headlines. Your money pays for millions of consultations, operations, treatments and vaccinations every year. As an organisation, we work to spend your money in the most efficient way and to help those in greatest need. But how do we do it?

At MSF we deliver care directly rather than through local partner organisations. We set up and run medical services, train staff and respond to fast moving emergencies, as well as longer-term crises. This means the money you trust to MSF is spent by MSF.

When you donate to MSF Czech Republic, the money is banked and then directed to the country where the need is greatest. This is coordinated across the 23 MSF offices and our projects in almost 70 countries, but none of the funds we send to the frontline are spent on international administration costs.

We raise and spend money based on our core principles – independence, neutrality and impartiality. In 2013, MSF CZ received CZK 41.7 million in donations from private donors and CZK 1,9 million as a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, for a total of CZK 43.7 million. This means that 96% of our funds came from private donors, like you.

We used 83.1% of these donations to fund emergency aid projects for affected populations around the world (79.9% for projects executed in 2013 and 3.2% for projects executed in 2014) while 16.9% were used to cover the costs of our organization in the Czech Republic.

Your contributions to MSF CZ in 2013 reached 13 medical projects in 10 different countries. Below, you can find a list of the projects that received direct financing from MSF CZ during 2013. For more information, please read our Annual Report (in Czech, with a short summary in English) or you can see our International Activity Report in English.

List of financed projects

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Project in Bas-Uele: Vaccination and treatment of measles during measles epidemic
    Amount: CZK 3.2 million
  • Project in Geti: Health care to refugees
    Amount: CZK 2 million
  • Project in Bunia: Treatment of HIV/AIDS and victims of sexual violence
    Amount: CZK 1.9 million (funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic)


  • Project: Emergency aid after typhoon Haiyan
    Amount: CZK 391 thousands


  • Project in Guéckédou: Treatment of malaria
    Amount: CZK 5 million


  • Project in Domeez: Health care for Syrian refugees
    Amount: CZK 2 million

South Sudan

  • Project: Assistance to Sudan refugees
    Amount: CZK 1.7 million


  • Project in Maputo: HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis
    Amount: CZK 5 million


  • Project in Dawei: HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis
    Amount: CZK 2 million


  • Project in Tillabery region: Assistance to Malian refugees
    Amount: CZK 300 thousands


  • Project in Mogadisho: Primary and secondary health care
    Amount: CZK 3 million
  • Project in Dinsor: Paediatric hospital and treatment of malnourished children
    Amount: CZK 4 million

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