The work of an administrator is divided into three main areas: finance, human resources, and administration.

Finance includes responsibility for accounting, budget planning, and budget monitoring. In the area of human resources the administrator is responsible for managing all national staff, including recruitment, payroll, and career development, as well as ensuring compliance with local labor laws. The administrator is also responsible for other administrative activities, such as leases/rental contracts, insurance, work and residence permits, and so on. The administrator usually manages a small.

Essential Requirements

  • Completed education and qualifications in the areas of finance, human resources, or business
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of financial issues, audit mechanisms, accounting, budgeting, and human resource management
  • Active knowledge of MS Excel
  • Able to go on mission for a minimum of 6 to 12 months
  • Able to live and work in a team
  • Able to lead and train others
  • Willing to work in an unstable environment
  • Flexible and able to cope with stress
  • Able to work with limited resources
  • Experience living or working in developing countries

We are currently looking in particular administrators with a good level of French. Candidates speaking only English may apply as well, but speaking French at a level that allows you to be deployed on a French-speaking mission – for example, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, or the Central African Republic – significantly increases your chances of being accepted. We also welcome knowledge of Arabic.

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