You can support MSF in a variety of ways. You can become our regular donor or make a one-off donation on our bank account.

Would you like to organize your own fundraising project or collection for MSF? You can find more information here.

We accept donations from individuals and corporates in the following accounts:

Crisis public collection

Collection bank account: 222666 / 2700

Donate now here.

Long-term public collection for global MSF projects all over the world

Collection bank account: 111333 / 2700

Find more information here. Donate now here.

Bank account for registered donors and regular donors

Bank Account: 2101950100 / 2700

This bank account is dedicated for contributions from registered regular donors and long-term donors. Find more information and register here.

(Accounts are maintained in UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s., Náměstí Republiky 3a, 110 00 Prague)

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